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Welcome to our December 2015 Newsletter and a 
Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!


- Welcome to my December Newsletter!


- Discovering what you need from your loan!

- Top 4 reasons to consider refinancing

- Do you have the right insurance protection?

- The true cost of a spruce up

- Securing finance if you are self employed

- First home buyers - myths exposed!


Welcome to my February 2016 Newsletter - 
Happy New Year - lets make it a fantastic year!


- Welcome to my February Newsletter!


- Is buying a property your new years resolution?!

- Adding a swimming pool - good investment?

- Buying your holiday home - good rental?

- Home loan Health Check time?

- Consolidate debts for a happy new year

- Apartment as a first home?

Welcome to my April 2016 Newsletter - 
Plenty of content!


- Welcome to my April Newsletter!


- How to avoid paying too much interest?!

- Cost to buy a home?

- Depreciation schedules!?

- Car finance - best options?

- Why have a will?


Welcome to my June 2016 Newsletter - 
What a great Autumn it has been!


- Welcome to my June 2016 Newsletter!

- When would I refinance my mortgage?
- 7 Tips for maximising your home sale value
- 8 considerations for property investment
- What is 'strata title' property?
- Can you borrow to grow your business?
- App Review!


Welcome to my August 2016 Newsletter -
Financial Market Volatility


- Welcome to my August 2016 Newsletter!

- What is Rentvesting?
- Commercial or Residential?
- Pest & Building inspections!
- Renovating for Profit.

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